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Vytvořeno 14.01.2009 19:14:58 | Poslední změna 14.01.2009 19:16:28

Part 1

Ever wanted to draw Star Wars characters and vehicles just like the professional comic book artists? In this step-by-step series, Star Wars artists and illustrators show you how to draw some of the most beloved characters in the saga.

Star Wars illustrator Brent Woodside explains with these easy-to-follow steps on how to draw EG-05 droid from the Clone Wars Lightsaber Duels game.

Step One:
Use a good reference of the character like the one above, which will prove invaluable later. For this particular piece the awesome Star Wars The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels game for the Wii would be great reference.

Step Two:
Professional artists often draw a few thumbnail sketches, or little drawings (as small as a thumbnail), to work out ideas of how they want a character or a scene to look. Sketch out any ideas you have.

Step Three:
Select your favorite thumbnail and create a refined sketch of it. I have the benefit of working digitally so I can enlarge my thumbnail and sketch right in top of it. If you are not working on a computer then you can get the same result from making a copy of your thumbnail at an increased size. Then tape the print and a similarly sized piece of lead transfer paper to another piece of paper or card stock. Do your refined drawing in red pen (so you can easily see your lines) directly on the copy, and as long as you have the lead paper facing the right way you will have a cleaned up version that still retains the fluidity of your thumbnail.

Step Four:
The cleaned up version should look like this. At this stage you want to make sure the anatomy of the figures makes sense in three dimensions. You can see the geometrical shapes I have broken the chests, legs, arms and heads into. Later we will have to get rid of some of these lines, but at this stage they are important.

Step Five:
Now that we have the structure of the characters lets get the unnecessary lines out of there so we are not confused by them.

Step Six:
Start bringing in some of the details you see in the reference pictures.

Step Seven:
Continue to bring more details in. It will help to be able to view your characters from multiple angles, thus it is a good time to take a break and play Clone Wars Lightsaber Duels. I am acquiring reference, really, I promise!

Step Eight:
Pry yourself from the Wii to continue drawing. Put any extra details in and clear out any lines that are no longer required. If you are working without a computer then skip steps 9-12 for right now and do steps 13-16.

Step Nine:
The coloring begins. On the computer I can paint the details in behind the lines layer. It is similar to a coloring book. You can easily get a similar effect using markers or water colors over your pencil lines. Look to the reference to see what colors go where.

Part 2

Step Ten:
At this stage I begin adding in lighting effects. Pick which direction the light is coming from and lighten the base coat in that direction. Darken the sides the light is not coming from. I also use the lighting effects to define the shape of things, such as the panels on EG-05's chest and the wrinkles of Anakin's robes. On the computer I do these on top of the lines layer. With markers or paints I would recommend using colored pencils. Once the markers or paints has dried the black and white colored pencils should lighten or darken the original colors.

Step Eleven:
The base coat of the lightsabers is applied. These are arcing flashes to indicate movement.

Step Twelve:
The white of the blade goes on top of and inside the colored swatches and mimics the shape.

Step Thirteen:
On the computer I do the background separately then mix the foreground and the background into a finished piece. To start a background I pick a horizon line and two points for perspective, then make several guide lines. I make all of the lines so that as I do a thumbnail of the background I can keep it in perspective. With pencil and paper I still do this but very lightly using a ruler.

Step Fourteen:
I quickly do a sketch of what I want the back ground to look like, while paying attention to the guidelines. The guides help you understand what parts of the building are bellow and above our view. So for instance if you would see the top or the bottom of a building.

Step Fifteen:
Refine your sketch. Do it similarly to how we did it in Step 3.

Step Sixteen:
Here are the cleaned up lines. Now if you skipped to these steps jump back to Step 9

Step Seventeen:
Base coloring similar to step 9.

Step Eighteen:
Lighting and shading similar to Step 10. Because it is day outside and there are big windows as the primary part of the background I decided the light would be coming from that way. Shadows are created on the floor accordingly.

Step Nineteen:
The windows are put in. Using a digital paint brush I lighten and then create streaks in the windows to make it appear glass is there. This goes on top of the line we made for the buildings so they appear to be behind the glass.

Step Twenty:
I combine the two images and play with the lighting a little to make the colors appear more powerful and emphasize the characters. Now, with the piece complete and a detailed understanding of his workings I plan to challenge EG-05 to a duel with my Wii mote.