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clone troper

Vytvořeno 14.01.2009 19:02:38 | Poslední změna 14.01.2009 19:09:01
Ever wanted to draw Star Wars characters and vehicles just like the professional comic book artists? In this step-by-step series, Star Wars artists and illustrators show you how to draw some of the most beloved characters in the saga, as well as new faces and creatures from Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith (available on DVD Nov. 1). So get your pencils and paper ready!

The Republic clone trooper represents the future of galactic warfare. Being far more advanced than the battle droid armies. As discovered in Attack of the Clones, the clones were grown from genetic material taken from an extremely skilled bounty hunter named Jango Fett in the cloning facilities of Tipoca City, on Kamino. Growth acceleration was key to the clones' development as they were constantly trained in fighting techniques, piloting skills and battlefield tactics.

Clone troopers wore hard white armor, their identical faces concealed behind a t-shaped visor. In the first units, color-coded armor showed rank, with green troopers being sergeants, blue being lieutenants, red being captains, and yellow being commanders. By the end of the war, color-designation came to signify not rank, but individual units, who often became more customized with mission specific gear and armor modifications such as the Galactic Marines, the Shock Troopers, the Attack Battalion and the Star Corps. (As you draw your own clone troopers, you can decide what their color scheme will be.)

During the Clone Wars, the clones fought alongside the Jedi Masters who led them into battle, creating a lifelong bond that only soldiers understand. But in Revenge of the Sith, fans see clone troopers at their deadliest, following Order 66 given by the Emperor to exterminate all Jedi from the Jedi Temple and various battlegrounds on planets scattered throughout the galaxy.

Star Wars webstrip illustrator Tom Hodges explains his super-easy steps on how to draw your very own clone trooper.

Steps 1-7 are to be drawn lightly with a pencil. No pen, no dark lines. Finished lines and details will come at the end.

Step One:
Start with the circle. Always start with the circle when drawing any character -- even ones with weird heads.

Step Two:
On the circle, divide your center of the face/helmet and the eye line guide. This is a 3/4 view which is very common when drawing characters. This allows you to show both the front and part of the side of the character. At this point, it helps to throw in a basic shape to the body to help you along the way further.

Step Three:
Now start to create more "guides" to your clone trooper. Bring the center of the face/helmet line further, the clone's "mouth" which is just a basic triangle without the bottom line. Put a small circle on the side of the large circle of where the ear would be. Add the shoulders and a collar of his armor.

Step Four:
Start bringing more shapes and details into the piece. The lower lines for the helmet, the break off of the shoulder and chest armor. And you'll notice another "eye line" slightly under the existing line.

Step Five:
This is where the fun begins! Now is the time to add some details such as the visor and "mouth" lines, the "speakers" on the front of the mask and the shortened "fin" on top of the helmet.

Step Six:
Start to really take those bits and pieces and put this puzzle together. The helmet details, as you can see are just a matter of taking what you did in Steps 4 and 5 and filling in the blanks. It is all basic lines and shapes.

Step Seven
The straps on the chest armor have a series of lines across that need to be filled in. Work on adding more detail to the helmet's "mouth" lines. You can also figure out various details you need to add by looking at pictures of clones as well as clone action figures. You might also find small X's in certain spots over the clone. This is to save you time. If you're going to ink the piece in the next step the X's will make it so you won't have to fill those in with pencil and you can use your colored pencils or markers.

Step Eight:
I use a Rapidograph pen with India Ink and a brush for the larger areas. But you can use Micron pens, Uni-Ball pens and Sharpie Markers -- or anything you're comfortable with like waterproof markers. Erase your lines, and you have a crisp, clean clone trooper!

Step Nine:
I did this in Adobe Photoshop, you can do it with crayons, color pencils, markers -- whatever you choose. I went with the 501st "Vader's Legion" motif on this guy. You can just about go with any color scheme you like. Create your own color scheme for your clone. Make it your own design!